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Happy Ayyam-i-Ha!

On February 25th, the Baha'i community in Armenia celebrated Ayyam-i-Ha, the intercalary days placed on the Baha'i calendar before the fast. Unlike other Bahá'í Holy Days that commemorate historical events or days of remembrance, Ayyam-i-Ha is a time to celebrate qualities such as generosity, love, compassion, praise of God, and friendship. It contrasts with the period of fasting, which is a time of introspection and transformation.


During the holiday, Baha'is exchange gifts with loved ones and organize games for children that teach about love, friendship, and hospitality. This year's program included fun games for children and their parents, songs, and creative activities, as well as surprise gifts and entertainment.


Ayyam-i-Ha is also a time for charity, and Baha'is often participate in various humanitarian projects.


Bahá'u'lláh kept the ceremonies of the Bahá'í Faith to a minimum, allowing individuals to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha in their own way. The beauty of these days is that even a small effort to create a friendly environment and surround oneself with an atmosphere of love can bring joy and happiness.

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