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Festival of Joy and Hospitality in the Baha'i Community of Armenia

In February 2024, the Baha'i community of Yerevan marked the Intercalary Days, known as Ayyam-i-Ha, with unique fervor. This celebration was not just a spiritual preparation for the upcoming fasting month but also a communal gathering filled with art, hospitality, and joy. The festivities included gift-giving for children, arts programs, and community singing, highlighting the inclusive spirit of the event. Everyone, from children to adults, enjoyed a time of upliftment and shared happiness, strengthening community bonds in Yerevan.


In Baha'i Writing this festival is described as "Throughout these days, the people of Baha'is are to provide good cheer, celebrate joyfully, and glorify their Lord, leading into the season of restraint with exultation."

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