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Online Meeting on "How to Achieve Happiness"

Everybody desires to be happy, yet it is not always easy to know how to achieve it. Is it true that there is no such thing as a happy life, but only happy moments? To get answers to these and other questions, the Baha'i blog organized an online meeting with Taras Vavrik, a Ph.D. in Psychology and consultant in positive psychotherapy, coaching, and training. Mr. Vavrik is also a certified trainer of the World Health Organization program. He previously lived in Armenia and worked as a psychological consultant and trainer at the "AYG" psychological services center in Yerevan. During the meeting, which was held online, he discussed happiness and how to achieve it.


The program of the meeting included:


The Model of Happiness by Sonya Lubomirsky


The 12 Habits of Happy People


Q&A Session with the Psychologist


According to Professor Sonya Lubomirsky, genetics account for 50% of human happiness, external circumstances for 10%, and our own actions and beliefs for 40%. During the meeting,  Mr. Vavrik shared several mechanisms for achieving happiness and gave advice to participants. The video of the meeting is available on our YouTube channel.


Do you wonder how to be happy amid daily problems and the seemingly eternal chaos of life? How to find time for yourself in the midst of the work-home-work circle and the whirlwind of endless problems in your country and your own home?


The answer is simple. Take a break, detach yourself from everyday worries, relax, clear your mind, and strive for inner harmony. Remember, health is the most precious of all possible blessings. It cannot be bought or restored.


May you be happy and radiate joy, bringing happiness to others as well.


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