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New Book Release

This year, the Bahá'í community has published a translated version of William Searz's book "God Loves Laughter." The book can be accessed through the library and is also available in audio format.


"God Loves Laughter" is an autobiographical account of the author's life, beginning with his childhood experiences. The book delves into the internal conflicts he faced from an early age, the complex relationship he had with his father, his deep love for his grandfather, and his lifelong pursuit of God.


The internal conflict that the protagonist faces throughout the book is fascinating. The unpredictable and unexpected events that occur are deeply moving and thought-provoking. The plot is so intricately woven that even with clues throughout the story, it is difficult to predict the direction it will take. The author's skillful and vivid descriptions of the natural world and locations where events occur are captivating, showcasing their indescribable beauty and charm. The writer's ability to bring images to life creates a transformative world that bursts with new energy and colors. The book has a certain weightiness that distinguishes it from other works in its genre. With a fast-paced and engaging storyline, "God Loves Laughter" keeps readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The anecdotes, arguments, and testimonials are convincing, and the reasoning is thought-provoking and captivating. Despite the story being set during difficult times, the problems and difficulties encountered are universal, transcending time and place.


In this work, seasoned with humor, the author leaves room for the reader's imagination and introspection.

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