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Your legs are getting tired

And the road is very long, long, long

You want to give up trying

And the sun is beating strong

No sense gettin’ impatient

It’s useless if you cry

If you take it step by step

The time goes rushing by




Patience is the answer

When you’re sad and blue

Patience is rewarded

It brings happiness to you


Your brother doesn’t understand

But you’ve explained it more than twice

You really ought to try again

And do your best to be nice

No sense gettin’ impatient

It’s useless to be stern

If you show him kindness

It’s the way to help him learn




You want to do much better

But still you don’t succeed

You wonder why make an effort

And where it all will lead

No sense gettin’ impatient

It’s silly to do less

If you keep on striving

You’ll eventually progress


CHORUS (with last two lines repeated)

Նյութի հեղինակ
Բահայի Հայաստան թիմ