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31th National Spiritual Assembly election 

31th National Spiritual Assembly election 

In April 2024, the Bahá’ís of Armenia held their 31th National Spiritual Assembly election since the country gained independence. The first re-election of the Bahá'í National Assembly occurred in 1994, marking the start of a tradition of democratic governance within the community. Over the past 30 years, this governing body has played a pivotal role in guiding the Bahá'ís of Armenia to foster a pattern of community life that supports both spiritual and material advancement. This approach has particularly benefited families and youth, empowering them through various educational programs providedby the Bahá'í community.


The National Spiritual Assembly, elected annually, is responsible for overseeing the administration of the community's affairs at a national level. Comprising nine elected members, this council works diligently to guide, coordinate, and stimulate activities across local Spiritual Assemblies and among individual Bahá’ís. Their efforts are not confined to the internal growth of their community but extend outward, reflecting a commitment to contributing positively to the broader societal fabric. This outward-oriented service underscores the Bahá'í principle of working towards the common good and highlights the community's dedication to serving the wider needs of the country, beyond their religious practice.


The newly elected National Spiritual Assembly will continue to support the Bahá'í community over the coming year, focusing on social, economic, and educational projects. These initiatives are integral to the Bahá'í efforts to contribute meaningfully to Armenia's progress. By engaging in such activities, the Bahá'ís of Armenia demonstrate their dedication to not only enriching their own lives but also those of their fellow citizens, thereby embodying the spirit of service and unity that is central to their faith. This collaborative approach ensures that the contributions of the Bahá'ís are woven into the broader narrative of national development, aiming to uplift and transform the community at large.

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