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“Wert thou to attain to but a dewdrop of the crystal waters of divine knowledge, thou wouldst readily realize that true life is not the life of the flesh but the life of the spirit…”— Bahá’u’lláh

Baha’u’llah’s Revelation affirms that the purpose of our lives is to know God and to attain His presence. Our true identity is our rational soul, whose free will and powers of understanding enable us to continually better ourselves and our society. Walking a path of service to God and to humanity gives life meaning and prepares us for the moment the soul separates from the body and continues on its eternal journey towards its Maker.

Four topics are examined in this section. Under each heading, there is a collection of pages, articles, selections from the Bahá’í writings, and further resources, that explore each of the topics in depth.


The Human Soul 

Every human being possesses an immortal, rational soul that passes through this world for a brief time and continues for eternity to advance towards God. 



Acts of devotion such as prayer, meditation, fasting, pilgrimage, and service to others are inherent to religious life. 


A Life of Generous Giving

Just as a candle’s purpose is to provide light, the human soul was created to give generously. 


Character and Conduct 

The cultivation of spiritual qualities is inseparable from an ongoing refinement of our conduct.